Horoscop aquarius 17 february

Take some time out if you start to feel overwhelmed by the hectic pace. Double-check your emails and posts before hitting the send button. Business negotiations will be in a state of flux this fortnight so it might be best to avoid signing contracts. Otherwise, seek the help of a professional in the field. December 7 to 23 — Jupiter trine Uranus exact on December 15 brings lucky breaks and exciting encounters.

This is a good time to try something new and different. This could range from a new hairstyle to an overseas adventure. You can take risks now and feel optimistic about success. You will have the extra freedom and willingness to push the boundaries and explore new territory. This is an especially good transit if you feel your life has stagnated. You may already have anticipated something exciting on the horizon and been growing restless.

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Unexpected opportunities will offer you a new path forward and satisfy your need for positive change. Your Aquarius Horoscope is based on planetary transits to Aquarius Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors. December 20, , to February 18, — Jupiter sextile your decan is a time of happiness and optimism.

Good things will seem to come more easily. Good health and vitality will let you take full advantage of this generally very lucky transit. You should be feeling sociable and can expect good relations with loved ones, as well as people at work and in group activities. Jupiter retrograde on April 10 means you have this same lucky streak again from June 2 to October 16 this year. This optimistic, generous and creative solar eclipse will help your personal and professional development in small but significant steps.

This is an excellent solar eclipse for starting or growing a business. With integrity and good intentions, you can grow a little project into a big business. January 8 to March 4 — Saturn sextile Neptune exact on January 31 brings material gain from spiritual pursuits. You can make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible, realistic approach. You will understand your own limitations but will be optimistic at the same time. You will likely gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual goals and how they fit into the bigger picture.

You will be patient and self-disciplined without denying yourself or making sacrifices. Self-reflection, dreams and meditation will help you make your spiritual life part of your everyday life. This is a good time for making prayer and ritual part of your daily routine. Devotion and service to others will increase your spiritual awareness and understanding. June 2 to October 16 — Jupiter sextile your decan again means your interests and activities are likely to broaden and this could include further study or longer distance travels.

Broadening your horizons leads to a spurt of personal and spiritual growth to enrich your life. You may find yourself more interested in religion or spirituality, politics, social issues and philosophy in general. Material growth and good fortune are also possible. You could increase your wealth through investments, business deals or plain good luck. October 13 to November 30 — Saturn sextile Neptune is exact on November 8 for the third and last time. You might become attracted to groups or clubs with similar values or beliefs to your own. These may include churches and other religious or spiritual groups, charities, welfare and support groups, animal rights and other environmental causes.

This transit is also associated with finding or building your dream home. Your Aquarius Horoscope is based on planetary transits to Aquarius Decan 2, not to houses, zones or sectors. March to March — Uranus sextile your decan only applies to those born on February 17 and 18 for the first three months of Most of you have already experienced this refreshing change. Uranus lets you express yourself more fully, more in tune with who you really are.

This will be liberating and you may be pleasantly surprised by how your ego gets a lift from a new and unique personality. At work, you may be offered a new position which leads to more money, or at least a welcome change. With that in mind I pick the goals that will demand from me a bigger heart, a broader consciousness, and a deeper commitment to what rings true for me.

Choosing the right goals for this moment immediately brings me half of the success I seek. The success of my collaborations depend on my ability to parse out my true desires from my lowered expectations. I make sure that I uproot, interrogate, and thoroughly understand the doubts that lie in wait for me when I am poised to make progress.

I work with this new moon to consciously and courageously receive what I need. In my daily life, I allow more love in, more support to surround me, and more encouragement to uplift me. I let none of it go unacknowledged.

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I quickly counter self-defeating sentiments with a compassionate interrogation of the facts. Who says I am unworthy, undeserving, or incapable of working towards my dreams? Anytime I come up against a thought or feeling that discourages my best efforts, I know that I have made contact with something intrinsic to my journey. The more I understand what gets in my way, the easier it is to move around it, heal it, or work through it.

I always have the option to believe in my ability, right, and desire to heal. With this new moon I remind myself that all great things require partnership. I seek mine selectively. With this new moon I recenter myself in the partnerships that already receive me. The people that show me appreciation whether I am winning or wandering around.

Those that know how to listen to me with loving, determined, and inquisitive attention. With this new moon, I pause to honor the loves in my life that challenge me compassionately and unapologetically. Those that know how to humor me when my pride has been hurt. Those who know how to see me over time instead of holding me to only this moment. Those that can stretch their view from what I was to what I could become.

Those that teach me how to be a better lover, learner, beginner, and participant have my full, undivided, totally devoted attention, admiration, and unyielding partnership. With this new moon I call more of the same in, and honor all the ways in which it already exists.

The more I celebrate it, the more room I make for it. I find every avenue possible to love the labor. As much as I take advantage of rest. As much as I honor my downtime. As much as I revel in my free-time, to the best of my ability I find things to adore about my work.

If I want bounty to come from my efforts, I have to make peace with the practice that goes into creating it. The secret to my success is loving the process, not just the performance. I leave room for opportunity. I remember not to get too rigid in how I think my work or efforts will be received, what they will amount to, or where they will go.

I work in ways that help to regenerate my creative energy. I work in ways that keep me focus on the reasons that I do what I do. To the best of my ability, I clear out what leaves me feeling cluttered, muddled, or confused about my direction. I am here to work towards what will bring the most joy and healing to the most people, places, and causes.

Today's Aquarius Horoscope - Tuesday, November 12, 12222

My joy is a gateway to all great things that wish to enter my life. With this new moon I remember to make my joy a centerpiece of my days, weeks, years, and life. The new moon reminds me of the healing power of pleasure seeking. I give myself permission to have fun. I know how to tune into the work that is mine to do and tune into the joy that is mine to feel, express, and share with the world.

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My joy is sacred and needs my commitment to it. With this new moon I remind myself that waiting for the right time is not an option. Waiting for the work to be done is no way to live. Waiting for the stress to lessen may never happen. All I have is the option to find a little love, a little play, a little light every day.

To actively make space for joy is to respect what is difficult. Without levity, I lose sight of the power of this fight. Without joy I forget why I want to make the effort to right a wrong, heal a hurt, or win with my dignity in tact. I clear space for myself. I make home for myself. Wherever I am in the world, I make peace with myself.

Life on earth is unruly. We exist amongst a million messes. I am in this world. I do all I can to serve the beauty of this world. I do all I can to uphold the reasons we must work to heal this world. But I never forget that I am not defined solely by this world. To know its ugliness, its hate, its vitriol is to know when it has seeped into me. To know this world is to know what I must refuse of it. To know this word is to know what I will always embrace from it.

To know myself is to know the difference between what the world tells me and what is true. With this new moon I build a nest in my name. A home where I can reclaim myself. A space where I can take off the chaos and be in my birthright. My blessings need a protective space to thrive within. My body needs space to relax, unfurl, and exhale within. My altars need clearing off, redecorating, and honoring as a reflection of all I am creating. All that I want to bring into being first finds its home in me, so I make sure mine is a place where I can feel free to dream.

I know that part of my success depends on my ability to find love for what I am doing, compassion for all I carry as I do it, and humility for all that has had to come together in order for me to do it. The unique experiences, talents, and expertise that I have developed have given me a perspective that is mine to thoughtfully share. I know that my ability to listen is as needed as my ability to raise my voice in protest and support of all that I love.

With this new moon, I take advantage of the platforms that give me space to share what is necessary at this moment. Not for personal glorification. Not to boost my ego. Not to raise my sense of self-importance, but to commit more fully to telling the truth in the ways that I personally need to. We each have our own ways of doing so, mine is for me to find, develop, and work with.

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This new moon, as always, I commit to doing so. I place my money where it can do the most good. I put my energy into the efforts that make the most impact. I give my gifts and talents to the projects that will put more than just myself in a prosperous position. Love is the most solid investment that I can make and so I pour my energy, time, and talent into the projects that promote it. There are so many ways to move through this world, I make a conscious choice to keep recommitting my energy to everything that promotes well-being.

I make it a practice to divest from what increases vanity. I keep reinvesting in what inspires more of our collective humanity. I encourage my desire to do good by doing work that keeps me honest and inspired. I grow my capacity to interrupt complacency by challenging my own. I am renewed each time I allow myself to move thoroughly through a process. Each time I allow myself to reach the bottom, to ground, to land. Each time I allow myself to look up. Stretch up. Rise up towards the light I am refusing to stay in the shadows of my past.


Each time I allow myself the luxury of cycling through my process without feeling rushed or overly attached to any one part of it, my energy is regenerated. I am renewed each time I remember that life is not something I figure out, but something I find a way to be in partnership with. Each time I try to pin my possibilities down into a definite answer, I am deadening the energy of everything else that is trying to flow towards me. With this new moon I release the need to know how, what, where, or with whom things will work out and instead I focus on the direction I feel pulled towards in this moment.

Aquarius Health & Wellness Horoscope

Every time I gather my energy, recalling it from the past, I am reinvesting in myself, this moment, and all the possibility it possesses. I allow myself the time and space necessary to recoup, regroup, and regather myself. Without guilt. Without fear of missing out. After I have given what I have to the world, I rightfully get to retreat. I reclaim myself from all the roles I willingly and unwillingly take on.