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A Day of Gazing Into the Future With Astrology Queen Susan Miller and Her Biggest Fans

When I mention that Mike Pence is also a Gemini, there are murmurs throughout the room. I understand: As a Gemini myself, I can say with all politics aside — the prospect of two Geminis in charge sounds like total chaos. Over the phone the next day, I ask if she typically sees so many political questions at these events.

Half the people in the audience might have been for the other side and I want to respect them. The program wraps up at 4 p.

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As I wait, I think about some uneasiness I felt throughout the day. Sure, I enjoy reading my horoscope alone, but something about being in such a big, formal room surrounded by passionate believers, reminded me of organized religion and motivational speaking — two things I tend to avoid. When I finally reach Miller after an hour in line, I tell her my birthday and my sign, and she lights up. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription.

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Photo: Sunny Shokrae. Tags: cut homepage lede love and war susan miller astrology astrologyzone the future More. Most Viewed Stories. Highly cerebral and analytical, Mercury-ruled Gemini likes to see all sides of their situation to feel that they have thought of all possible options.

Astrologer Susan Miller on the Two Days in August That Will Be Game-Changers

Simply by relating what is wrong, Gemini sees the parameters of their situation better than if they had remained silent. Do keep in mind that with all this relating to others, you could get confused or overwhelmed with all the varying responses you get.

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Eventually you will have to draw the line and come to closure. Ferret out whatever is preventing you from proceeding with your usual vigor and enthusiasm.

Gemini Full Horoscope 2015: Glamourscopes with Susan Miller [Extended Cut]

Your mutable quality makes you highly flexible and adaptable, a real asset in times of change. If possible, get a change of scene by going away for a few days. Getting over a breakup, deciding on a career switch, figuring out how to pay too many bills—any problem will to find a quicker solution when a Gemini is away from home and not distracted by everyday duties.

The trip need not be to a distant place—a nearby city would do—but it has to offer enough stimulus to keep high-IQ Gemini busy and entertained. Rather, choose a place where you could take in a few cultural things during the day and reconnect with old friends over dinner.

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Same-old, same-old is not going to relax Gemini. Gemini is the sign that rules sisters, brothers and cousins, and often Gemini is close to one of these relatives. Think of John F. Kennedy—who was a very typical Gemini—and his close relationship with his brother, Robert. If you have a sibling or cousin who has always given you good advice while you were growing up, seeing them again now could be comforting. The break in routine will refresh you, and getting an opinion from a relative who knows you well and who loves you could do much to steady your nerves.

For sports, try riding a bike, or going rollerblading— any sport which would get you outdoors. Anything rote is to be avoided now.

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Gemini rules the written word, so keeping a journal or pouring your energy into creative writing is an excellent idea. As they say, all smart writers use their own distress as fodder for great fiction! Most people feel more relaxed in places that have happy associations. First, read the reviews, find one book which sounds good.

Monthly Horoscopes for Gemini

Once at the store, you could also look up material on whatever is causing you grief. Since Gemini loves self-help books, so scan that section, or choose a fast-paced bestseller to engross you your sign also rules current titles. Walk over to the magazine section and review the foreign publications—if you remember your high school French, German or Spanish, pick up a foreign publication, or perhaps a British magazine will appeal to you.

The point is to vary your routine and break molds.